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Savings Accounts

Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Guaranteed returns with no unnecessary risks. Certificates of Deposit (CDs) deliver fixed-rate earnings with a maturity date of your choosing (3 months to 5 years.)

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Enjoy insured savings and returns to meet your timetable.

A Certificate of Deposit (CD) is a type of savings account that pays a fixed interest rate in exchange for a deposit that is held for a specific period of time. CDs are a good fit for individuals who have extra cash and want to earn a guaranteed, fixed interest rate on their savings without taking on any risk.

  • Higher rates for longer term
  • Fixed dividend rates pay higher than regular savings
  • No setup or maintenance fees
  • $1,000 minimum deposit to open
  • Jumbo certificates available with a $100,000 minimum deposit
  • FDIC insured

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