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Wealth Management

Put your hard-earned money to work with smart investing strategies from our partners at Texas First Wealth Management*. Paul Grover has partnered with Texas First customers for over 20 years and is excited to work with you.

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Set yourself up for future success.

Whether your financial needs are short- or long-term, our partners at Texas First Wealth Management (TFWM) will help you work toward your goals by helping you understand the options available on the market today, providing quality products and services tailored for you, and continuing to offer advice and guidance through it all.

  • One-on-one consultations
  • Comprehensive market knowledge
  • Advice, guidance, and education
  • Active management


Texas First Wealth Management can help you make sense of your options whether you’re just getting started saving or are a few years away from retiring, having a plan will help you keep your goals on track. They have expert knowledge around 401(k) plans, 403(b) plans, rollovers, SEP/SIMPLE plans, Traditional and Roth IRAs.

College Savings

Saving for college can be a challenge, and if you are unprepared, it can overwhelm your budget. Get help selecting the most appropriate type of investment: 529 College Savings Plan, Coverdell Education Savings Accounts, Custodial Accounts (UGMA, UTMA), or Personal Savings.

Wealth Management

Determining the right mix of stocks, bonds, and cash is highly personal and can be complex. Texas First Wealth Management can work with you to assess your investing style. Are you risk-tolerant? What are your return needs? Using a recognized approach, they’ll build a strategy tailored for you. Need someone to manage your money hands-on? They can help with that too.

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