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From .COM to .BANK

Banking, Cybersecurity

Texas First LogoHave you tried to visit recently and gotten an error? No, our website isn’t down. If you remember, last year we switched to a new site:

The .BANK domain allows us to provide YOU with more security.

Unlike .com and .net, the .bank domain is not available to just anyone on the internet. To get a .BANK website address, you must be verified as a member of the global banking community and adhere to enhanced security requirements.

This mean it’s harder for someone with bad intentions to redirect you to a fake website. Just look at the URL, and if it says texasfirst.BANK, you’ll know it’s us!

Learn more about .BANK and the security requirements we had to meet here.*

If you try to go to our old .com site from now on, you’ll get an error. Make sure you update your bookmarks to!

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