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Treasury Management

Information Management

Stay on top of your financial transactions and protect your business from fraud.

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Information Management

Smarter business banking starts today

As a business owner, it's important to be proactive about protecting your financial transactions and accounts. With immediate alerts for suspicious activity, setting up automated internal security protocols, and the implementation of advanced encryption for all customer information, information management can ensure that your business is protected.

  • ACH/EDI Detailed Reporting (BOLB)—includes Addenda and Supplement Payment Data)
  • ACH/EDI Detailed Reporting (Real-Time Email Delivery)—includes Addenda and Supplement Data)
  • Business Online Banking Services (BOLB)
  • eStatement Services
  • Image Services—CDROM
  • Image Services—BOLB (checks, deposits, items deposited)
  • Positive Pay Services—ACH/ACH Blocking and Filtering
  • Positive Pay Services—Account Reconciliation
  • Positive Pay Services with Payee Name Match—Checks
  • Wire Transfer Activity Reporting Service (BOLB) (full detail including IMAD/OMAD)
  • Wire Transfer Activity Reporting Service (Real-Time Email Delivery, which includes IMAD/OMAD)

Positive Pay

Our innovative fraud detection tool safeguards your account against potential threats by comparing all incoming checks with a pre-established database of previously issued and authorized ones. Any suspicious mismatch will be immediately flagged for your review, allowing you to act swiftly if necessary!

  • Make sure that you pay only the checks you issue
  • Reduce the chance of check fraud
  • Reduce the chance of ACH fraud with ACH Block
  • Protect yourself from scammers
  • Know exactly where your money goes
  • Convenient, automated service
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Comprehensive Treasury Management Solutions for Businesses

Texas First Bank offers comprehensive Treasury Management Solutions, in addition to Information Management. These solutions help businesses monitor their account activity, invest excess funds, and accept credit and debit card payments to increase sales and simplify payment processing.

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Our integrated approach to
these solutions.

At Texas First Bank, we offer personalized business banking solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each business. Our Treasury Management team listens carefully to local businesses, providing a comprehensive approach that streamlines operations, mitigates fraud, and adds real value. With a commitment to exceptional quality service and support, we provide all the tools you need from an integrated community business partner.

Piqued your interest? Let’s talk Information Management.

Our knowledgeable and friendly Treasury Management Solutions team is here to answer any questions you have. Check out your local banking center, or drop us a line.